Thursday, January 13, 2011


 This morning was part A of my social diploma. This is a two part written response. The first part is worth 20% of the diploma mark and its a three source one. You talk about each source, then the relationships between them and how it relates to liberalism. The second part is worth 30% (making written 50% of diploma and 25% of our over all mark). This is a more personalized response where you also discuss the pros and cons of a source, usually a quote.
  You MUST have your ID with you, either school, or government issue (passport, drivers license). Mine was in my wallet, in my gym bag, at home.
   I realized this about 15 minutes before the exam started, and was about to have a panic attack. So I talked to the lady in charge of the exam and she told me to go to office and talk to them. So I ran to the office, still freaking out, without my ID I wouldn't be able to write the exam, I'd have to wait til June and the mark I'd get in the mean time would mean I'd lose my early admission to Uni.
  So, I was talking to the lady at the office almost crying, and she said I could pay $2 at the library and get a print out. Who had no money? ME! So, the secretary is super nice and lent the money, so I'm paying her back tomorrow. Then I ran to the library, the stairs, to the desk. At this point, I was still freaking out, almost crying and breathing really quick. I probably looked like I belonged in an asylum.
The librarian looked both really surprised and worried and was telling to do deep yoga breaths and what not. My social teacher happened to be in the upper library, talking to someone, and I guess he heard me talking to her, so while she was printing it off, he came over to see what was going on. Still had not chilled out at this point, so he was reminding me that I had three hours to write this test, that was lots of time, just relax and calm down, that if it was needed he would come talk to the exam administrator and tell her who I was. Usually they don't allow that, and thank god I didn't need him to, the librarian got me my print out, told me to relax, thank god that whole thing only 10 minutes and I made it back to the class room. As far as I know, I did okay on it. But holy crap, that was way to much stress. I've been soo tired ever since.
So I'm kind of glad that riding was cancelled because of the cold, I'm to tired to do anything useful with Tommy tonight.

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