Saturday, January 22, 2011

Didn't get to go riding last night since Tommy did end up getting his teeth done, so hopefully that'll help and he'll fatten up a bit.

But I will get to see him later today, which is good. With any luck I can be there alone. That is without my friend who was with me when the van got stuck. Not because I think that will happen again, but she likes to talk while we're riding, which I don't mind but I actually like to work during our free rides. It's hard with her though because she always wants to walk and trot right beside me and Tommy, so that we are on the rail and then we can't do any circles or change directions or anything. So it gets kind of frustrating, I love her and all, but I want to improve our groundwork more than talk. Especially after we spent the whole drive out and the whole time tacking up talking.

I need to find some new flat work exercises though, As fun as circles and figure eights are, I think I need to find some other stuff. I had a whole bunch in a notebook somewhere, but I have to find the notebook first.

At least I made it to the gym last night at least. At nine o'clock, which was fine because the only people there were hockey players so I didn't have to share the actual gym area with anyone. =P

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