Sunday, January 2, 2011

Free Ride

Tommys' perked up again today.

Had a lovely bouncy canter, and he didn't keep trying to drop to a trot.
Our circles were better today too, managed to remember to keep my whole leg back on the circle rather than using my heel and pointing my toe out.
We did some large figures eights and serpentines at the canter, I don't want him constantly doing simple changes, but we need to work on our downward transitions. Especially going from canter to trot, he usually has  a really quick, unbalanced trot when we come out of the canter and takes a while to get it back. So I want him to have a nice smooth downward transition.

Going to the gym tomorrow! It's going to be sooo crowded though, not looking forward to that, the chance of getting any piece of cardio equipment is slim.

My weight loss program starts again this Thursday, well the first meeting anyway. Quite excited, but worried, my trainer that I've been working with for a year or so now, is going on holidays in February. So that means I get someone new for about six weeks, kind of sad, she's very good and loads of fun. All the fit techs are lovely though, at least the ones I've met, we'll see who I end up with.

School starts again tomorrow, not excited, but happy to have something to do during the days again.

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