Friday, December 16, 2011

Back to riding!

Finally got back to the barn after a very long week!

Last Thursday with Kokanne was...disappointing, to say the least. Can't be to upset with him I suppose, the lines on their own were really good, but we had a tight roll back turn to the right and he just couldn't do that. No matter what we changed over the line and the turn, it was to hard for him. He's not a show jumper and he never will be, he's not athletic enough to do the turns because he has some scare tissue on one hip (which is also why he has a super weird canter), so it's the hunter ring for him. It's just frustrating when your like 3-4 strides out from the jump and you can feel him stiffen and you know no matter what you try to do he won't make it over (or even try). Stuff like that always makes me feel like such a bad rider even if there's nothing to be done about it because it physically isn't possible.

I rode Shawn yesterday and he was pretty good over all. A couple run outs and some not so nice jumps but that's because we didn't have enough canter. The lines over all where really good, and he has such great form over them (most of the time) and it makes it more noticeable what I need to work on; better core and keeping leg still over the jump. K has some big dressage trainer she used to ride with coming up to the barn to do a clinic, which would be an awesome experience, but we'll see, I don't really have a dressage appropriate horses to really make the clinic worth it... So we'll see but I can't decide, its kind of expensive to do without Rocky. He's not the dressage horse either, but better than Kokanne or Roxy I would think.

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