Sunday, December 4, 2011


Spencer is one of the new horses at the barn, his owner hasn't been able to make it out the barn lately, so I got to ride him on Saturday.

He's...different. He's half Cob (section D), a quarter paint and a quarter Arabian, but he looks all Cob. He's a got a lovely trot, which they are breed to have but his canter is kind of weird. He has a proper canter and a four beat "canter", we stayed well away from the four beat, but apparently its good for his owner for some reason.

Jumping was okay, he's jumped 2'6" at his old home, but hasn't done a lot of jumping since coming here. He doesn't have a nice jump. He likes the long distances but sometimes he will change his mind and get in short or he'll chip etc. it's always a surprise with him. So there was a lot of really ugly jumps and he's got such an awkward canter and it throws you back so it makes it harder to get forward and not have ugly, awkward jumps. But over all he was a lot of fun! I wouldn't mind riding him again but he's in a lesson on Thursdays before me and his owner should be back out next Saturday.

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