Saturday, December 24, 2011


Kokanne was amazing today! We had much better luck picking up the correct lead and he's jumping was outstanding!
Except for the four stride the whole course was different today, we had one rail down because the turn was weird and then a second down later because he hadn't realized that it was bigger until we go there. Once he gets going he was a great jump and some where along the line I got used to his weird low neck hunter style, and now we do quite well together.
He's also starting to change my opinion about Quarter Horses! I don't hate  them or anything, I just don't really care at all about them because they aren't exactly great jumping horses, but Kokanne isn't the big stocky chunky type either, originally he was breed to be a barrel horse. His name screams Western horse (or some what red neck owners) as I can't think who else would name their horse after beer. But what ever, he was amazing, a bit of trouble having to much momentum for a turn, but we made it over and left the rail up, so it worked in the end.

He's such a tool in the barn sometimes though. He deliberately stomps on the edge of my plastic grooming box to send everything in it flying and he's pulled down blankets and stomped on them too. I didn't see the blanket bit, but another girl in the barn did and said she's never seen a horse do anything so deliberately. Not sure what all that's about but oh well. Also, only 2 Diesel stops today! Are they possibly going away....? No, I've probably jinxed it now.

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