Wednesday, January 4, 2012

"Big" jumps!

Well they weren't actually that high, 2'9" at the most, but I was some what concerned that Kokanne would not be able to jump that high. I'm not sure why I thought that, likely because I haven't jumped that high in a while..probably because of the people I ride with (not be mean, I'm just saying we aren't at the same level). Anyway, he actually did really well!!

My friend N, who I haven't ridden with since September was surprised that he's such a pretty jumper, to bad I hadn't brought my camera to see myself. My last video it's hard to tell since the jumps are small and the video is blurry. And the other girl in the lesson has ridden him before saying she couldn't ride Kokanne to save her life. Nothing like an ego boost is there? But talking to K, it seems there's not a lot of people who like him, which is weird because he's a big sweety and a lot of fun. Probably he's weird gaits.

As for the actually jumping, he did beautifully over the first two 2'9" jumps he did beautifully, the triple combination was okay and when we came back to the same jumps from the start, well, he kind of plowed through the yellow, but got over the white one well enough.
He hasn't done a lot of combinations before so it was a bit harder for him. But he came 'round as we went through.
Our second time through the course, same really good first two jumps, but in the combination we just didn't have enough momentum, so he crashed down on the middle jump and I lost my stirrup but he kept going to the third and that one was fine, well as fine as it could be.
K was surprised he kept going because I hadn't really told him too, but I also hadn't told him to stop. He really tried though and that was what was impressive, he could have run out on the second jump, but he kept going. I've clearly under estimated what he's capable of.
We re-did the combination and it was much better and our last two jumps were beautiful. Really happy with him and hoping that K will raise the jumps at the end of my lessons with other people so me and Kokanne can continue to jump a bit higher.

We've been doing 2'3" at the highest lately, and last weekend the girl I ride with commented that she thought the one jump that was 2'3" looked a bit high. So it was lowered. Lame. Whatever, I suppose there's good technical stuff to be learned there.

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