Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Winter's Finally Here

The Canadian prairies have had a really messed up winter so far with almost no snow and it was +5 on Christmas Day when it's normally -15 or -20. Our luck is out now and winter's finally shown up with it's wonderful -30's, it was -31C  at the train station and it's -41C with the wind. Yaaaa... Supposed to be -47 and some poor town was down to -51. 
When people talk about the average temperature in a Canadian winter, they think of stuff like this but turns out our average is only -10 or something, I guess they aren't counting the wind.
All the poor people waiting 9 hours for a tow truck! Well as long as the trains/buses keep running, I should at least make it to the university, unless I die of hypothermia first. It takes like 5 minutes for exposed skin to freeze in these temperatures. Although the only exposed skin would be my eyes, there's a few people walking around with ski goggles on too. To bad I left mine back home...

Riding is clearly cancelled for the week, lucky Kokanne can stay warm in the barn at night. But that probably means he'll be a huuuuge tool next week.

I hope you guys are at least a bit warmer than we are here!

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