Wednesday, November 2, 2011

it was arson, not an accident.

Perhaps you remember this post from the summer about the fire in Slave Lake that destroyed half the town and the whole place was evacuated?
Well turns out it wasn't lightning, a campfire, a cigarette or a dumpster fire that started it. It was arson.
Yup, welcome to Alberta.
Although it's possibly they were only trying to destroy their own property and commit insurance fraud but in doing so burned down half the town.
They have forensic evidence this is arson but they aren't saying anything other than that and the RCMP still have crap do before they decide whether or not to press criminal charges...really? You need to debate that? Pretty sure if someone burns a city to the ground they should be going to prison.


And to all of you in Atlantic Canada and the north eastern USA, I hope your all okay after that ridiculous snow storm!

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