Friday, November 4, 2011

Not Good Bye Yet

Saturday will officially be mine and Rockys last ride until spring.
I didn't ask who I'll be riding next week, but I should know tomorrow.

Rocky was pretty good, he had some super crazy pony trotting going on at the start of the lesson but he came back really nicely.
We were practicing 20m circles around pylons and we weren't bad but when we started out they looked and felt more like diamonds because we were turning around the the pylon sharper than we should have done. But we got it later.
He was super quick at the warm up canter so going around the pylons (and between the jumps that made it harder) was harder than it probably should have been and sometimes it seemed like he was dropping his shoulder and tipping in. All good things to remember for next year to work then.

Jumping was good for the most part, I've gotten a bit better about not expecting the longs from him at the start, so that's helped, the jumps were also pretty small though.

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