Monday, November 7, 2011

Saturdays Ride (and a better article about Hickstead)

Saturday was the last ride with Rocky for the rest of the winter, and I have no idea who I'll be riding next.
For the most part he was really good. He's been slacking on lead changes though, he'll pick it up on one end but not the other and then he'll break to a trot, so will have to remember that for the spring. Jumping was decent, we had a few really nice ones but also some not so great ones, which is kind of lame because we'd done the course on Thursday.

Vancouver Sun
National Post

It's kind of hard to believe he really died, that would just be the most devastating thing, having your horse just collapse from under you that way. He was such an incredible horse. I got to see him competing in person before at Spruce Meadows..I wonder if I could find the pictures.
Such a tragic loss for his owners, Eric Lamaze and show jumping the world over, not just Canada.

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