Friday, November 25, 2011

Kokanne Ride II

Yesterday was the second jumping lesson with Kokanne and it was very "Diesel-esq". Not that means much since there's very little about Diesel on here.

But what Diesel used to do, is he stop, just stop and stand and refuse to move no matter what you did, or how much arena dirt/rubber crumb K tossed at his bum. Eventually he would get going again and do brilliant, then it was someone elses turn and we'd have to stand and the whole thing would be repeated.

That's what Kokanne was up to yesterday. It started with asking him to pick up a left lead canter when he swung his bum in and started doing some weird side stepping action and eventually just completely stopping and refusing to move forward or sideways or anything. We couldn't figure out if there was something wrong or what because he was really gassy, so we thought maybe he wasn't feeling well, but in the end he turned out to be fine!

As for jumping, for the most part he was super good! K thought that he might not be able to get 6 strides down the straight, but we did! He can do it, you just have to set him up for it =).
The longer release is getting easier too, so that's good, and I'm sure he's pleased as well.

The leg yields were a lot better as well, he still gets wiggly every once in a while but over all not bad. His other big issue yesterday was picking up the left lead, he really favours the right one, (this is before his standing still stuff) so it took several tries to convince him to pick up the correct one, so that was a pain and everyone was starting to get frustrated, but he finally picked it up, and there wasn't a whole lot of problems after that.

He got his  flying change down the six stride too, so hopefully we can start getting them more often!

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