Thursday, April 7, 2011


Haha, not quite.
First jumping lesson with Pony today!
I was mistakenly under the impression that indoor horse meant a slightly cleaner horse. Sadly this is not true, Pony is filthy and clearly likes to roll. The good thing is by the time I get there the mud's dried.

So we started with smallish jumps (even by pony standards). She refused the first time but just ran out to the side. The second time she felt like she was going to jump and then changed her mind and ran out to the left and I fell off. It's been a rough couple weeks since Tommy left!
She cantered off and did a few small bucks, at least P stopped last week!
Eventually she relaxed K ran beside her and got her over the jump.
She was much better after that. One more refusal at the skinny jump with the pylons underneath. Which is understandable, it's a scary looking jump.
Although K says she hasn't got an excuse for running out since she was a derby pony. They have derby's for pony's?
After that she was pretty good for the most part. She's a completely different horse to any I've ever ridden. I guess she's had some great training.

K thinks that Pony just likes to test her new riders, so I hope that's it for the testing and that I passed! =P

On the flat though? She's got a nice trot but at the canter though? She's a bit crazy! Very, very, very peppy!! She does not want to slow down for anything! I'm going to have to get some really good gloves, I already have blisters forming. I tried not to brace against her and use "give and take" rather than constant pressure, but she didn't really want to listen and my arms hurt.
I like the challenge, but I hope she's better behaved at shows.
K is possibly showing her next Saturday, so I guess we'll find out.

Now I just have to figure out what's going on with the number of rides and lessons I get to do. Earlier she said I could have two lessons and they'd just be included in the lease price since her board has already been paid. And then lease rides whenever.
So I'll have to talk to K and see, because I'm not sure if that's still whats happening. I hope so though.

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