Friday, April 22, 2011

Tuesday & Thursday

Pony was good on Tuesday. I need to write these right after the ride because I don't remember what happened.
I do remember she was a bit concerned with one of the jumps that had a plastic cut out of a dog under it, so she'd always jump off to the side. We still were able to make the lines though. She didn't even look at the fan jump. First horse I've had that just ignores it.

Thursday, as per usual she was fabulous!
She did have a bit of trouble with one of the largest verticals, just things like no having a distance or we were jumping at to much of an angle so she thought she'd run into the wall. But when we did get it, it was pretty damn perfect.
Had another fan jump, she jumped it like it was nothing. K says to think sports car not mini van when jumping her.
Pony likes to have her head when she's jumping, as do most horses, but she wants a lot more rein than I'm used to giving. Especially after Tommy. So that's something that I have to get used to, even if it feels super weird. Which it does. But I have to trust her not to be stupid yet at the same time try and protect myself from a repeat of our first jumping lesson.

Very proud of her. However, I have so really (potentially) horrible news.
Pony's owner may have found a buyer. K says not to worry (yeah right), that the owner is a bit dramatic and the buyer has not contacted her to arrange a test ride, or contacted her at all. Thank god.
I really love this mare and I want to be the one to buy her. She's totally perfect, and a good example of getting what you pay for. Except I can't remember how much she is. I was talking to another girl at the barn who had been interested but already has two horses and doesn't want another. She said either $12, 000 or $1, 200.  I really doubt it's the second because of how amazing this mare is, but that's the one I want it to be.
The other point K made about not worrying about this other buyer (she doesn't know I'd like to buy Pony) is of how Pony acts when you first ride her. She test you and acts like a lunatic. Hopefully it will be enough to turn this other person off and give me more time to get things together.

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