Monday, April 25, 2011

Free Ride

Worked on letting her have more rein on the flat so that when I have to giver her more over jumps in won't feel so weird.

 Practiced both turns on the forehand and turns on the hunches both are improving, she's usually better to the left than the right, but she was good both ways today.
Another thing we are supposed to work on is having more left bend and less right bend.
 I think we did okay. Lots of circles and serpentines, it seemed like she was doing okay on the circles but when we were on the serpentines I kept ending up pulling her to the left rather than having her bend her neck.

We did some cantering off the wall, that is something she needs to work on she always, always tries to drift back to the wall and it's hard to get her away from it.

Lots to work on.

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