Tuesday, April 5, 2011

First Ride With Pony!!

So today was my first lesson with Pony! She was awesome!
We only did a 30min hack lesson because she threw a shoe the other day, so no jumping until Thursday. But she is fun!! Lots of energy and spunk, but we are going to have to work on downward transitions though, it takes her a bit to go from canter to trot. Excited to jump!
She's only 13.3hh, so getting on was such a weird feeling. I used the mounting block, because the saddles usually slip and it's harder on the stirrup leathers. But it was kind of pointless because she is so small. Such a weird feeling.
She easily kept up with the much larger horses in the lesson and can jump as high, so Thursday should be fun.

My friend N was in the same lesson, she's the one I rode P for last week.
He bucked again today. Not good, I really hope he didn't learn that bucking is away to get people off. She did fall off, but the only injury she got was split fingernail. So, a bit worried about that. But I don't think he has, because as far as I know someone else rode him on Thursday and he was fine. I guess we'll have to wait and see. Thursday is both mine and N's next jumping lesson. Fingers crossed nothing happens....well no bucking or falling anyway.

I have a couple pictures of her, but still have to put them on the computer, then I can change the picture of Tommy...going to need a new blog name too...Chris and Pony isn't the same..any suggestions?

At least spring finally seems to be here! And the geese have returned home!

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