Sunday, May 1, 2011

Tuesday & Thursday (& Random Stuff)

Sorry. I guess I lied about writing right after a ride.

Anyway. Tuesday was decent. Harder coarse and a very unappealing oxer (that didn't faze Pony at all).
The lines were not a lot of fun because most were bending, but sharp bending ones. So that sucks, but we got them done. I wasn't counting to start with so that caused some problems, but once I stared counting things went much better. She didn't care at all about the oxer, which was great.

Pony has this stupid and horribly annoying habit of stopping at the first jump we do at least once. That must change.

Thursday, not very different from Tuesday but we did better on lines and stuff since I knew what needed to be done. The oxer was still ugly and she had one weird attempt at it, we didn't have enough speed so she put in an extra stride I wasn't expecting. But other than that it was good.

Some extra irrelevance:  I'm dying part of my hair blue! Bright blue! I'm very excited, I started bleaching it this afternoon. I had one bottle but had to apply it about six times. The first time, the roots turned a really lovely blond, but the rest of it is varying shades of dark yellow and copper. I'm putting in the toner tomorrow and hoping that helps. Thank god for Aussie 3 minute miracle deep conditioner or my hair would feel like straw.  So, with any luck this time tomorrow I'll have lovely turquoise hair! Punky Colour, is the brand I'm using this time. It's about a buck more than Manic Panic, but I'm trying this one first. Haha, so we'll see how it goes.


Do incompetent people bother you? 'Cause they piss me off.
I have stretched ears right, and it's a 'dangrous' thing to do. You have to be careful because if you move to fast or skip to many sizes you risk infections and blow outs. Blow outs are disgusting and painful and usually mean you have to start over again. What happened was: Months ago I bought a set of tapers from Culture Craze months ago. I asked for 16g (one size up from what your ears are usually pierced with). Now, this is also sort of my fault because I didn't notice this) but the chick gave me 12g. That is a HUGE leap up and not very safe. Luckily nothing happened, it just hurt like a bitch. The only reason I even figured this out was because I went back on Monday thinking I had 14g in (I noticed later it looked like it was the same size as my industrial which is a 14g). I asked for 12 and the girl (diff one this time) asked to measure what I had into make sure I wasn't buying what I already had. Turns out I had 12's all along.

At 10g now. They're so cute! One is black with white marbling and the other is white with black. These didn't hurt at all! Hoping to move to 8g in a couple weeks or so.


  1. I dyed the last ten inches of my hair blue a few years ago and LOVED it.

  2. Haha awesome! The blue looks great where it turned out, but some spots are weird blue/green I don't really like =/