Sunday, May 15, 2011

Thursday and Sunday. Show Schedule?

Holy mother of hell Thursday was a scary day!

Both me and N where kind of bored at 2'6" so we asked K if we could jump higher today and she said yes. So we did.

It was one of those days where everything seems harder than it is. It was also a "think sports car" day for Pony. The jumps were about 2'9" but I think the Swedish Oxer was around 3. That was a TERRIFYING jump. It's practically at eye level for Pony and me (not actually, but that's what it seems like). The first time we either knocked the whole thing down or just one rail and the second time we did the opposite of the first. The third time we just did the line, a one stride to the three stride with the oxer, and made it over! Yay! Pony's such a good girl, my little sports car!

Today I went riding with L, although it's nice to have a riding buddy, its really annoying when they keep you trapped on the rail and want to warm up and do all the things you need to work on when she doesn't want to get out of your way. Especially when you don't want to offend them or be rude so you can't really get away to work.
She was a bit spooky at the wind and the jumps against the arena wall, but still good. I reallly want the wind to die down because central Alberta seems to be trying to steal Chicago's title of "the Windy City".

I almost got to ride alone today, but the only way to have done that would have been to go to the show with L today. Actually it was all planned out and was probably going to be fun. She was going to get up before 6, come get me at 6 and then we'd go to Timmys, then get her horse and groomer up. Her mum would be there with the trailer and take us to the show, my dad would come get me at three so I could go riding and workout. Probably would have been a decent day. But this was good too.

So excited! L has a load of old show stuff that doesn't fit or she doesn't want so I can potentially buy them for cheap! Including a realllly nice hunt coat 'cause mine isn't comfortable. I'm not totally sure whats wrong with it, but something is. It just doesn't fit quite right, and she was a nice show shirt she wants to get ride off, which is good, because a couple of the shows we're planning on going to require the really nice stuff. Damn hunters. That's whats great about jumpers, polo shirts are totally fine, but nooo hunters and dressage have to be special. Haha, oh well, hopefully all will go well.

Possible Show Schedule! =)

June 18th- SM open show
                   -Jumpers start at probably 2'6" and possibly 2'9" have to wait for K's thoughts on that.
                   - English equitation and pleasure. Not sure about these two yet.
June 19th- WW Dressage Bronze Show
                    - L thinks we should do a dressage show before AM, so we might do this one, but it's also the                         day after the SM show, so we'll see about this one
July 9th- R4R
               - Jumpers, same height as SM or even 3', we can do it at home, but not sure if we should bother at
                 a show
July 15th-17th- Hunter/Jumper Novice AM
               - Shows at AM are SCARY and I've never been there, but it's one of the nicest barns in the area
                  and their shows are serious competition ones and that's kind of scary, so we'll have to see about
                  this, but I want to do at least on AM show this year and I think this is the one N is going too and 
                  it would be awesome to have a show buddy for this terrifying experience.
August 14th- Hunter/Jumper KF
                       - This one I can do either hunters or jumpers, but jumpers don't start until 2'6". But I can
                          compete in both classes at the same time because the arenas are right next to each other
                          and the hunter classes usually run way behind schedule anyway.
August 20th- SM open show
                     -same as the first one in June
August 21st- WW Dressage Bronze Show
                     -same as the one in June, but if I go to the SM one in June and not WW, I might go to this
                     one instead of the one on the 20th
August 27th- R4R
                    - Pretty much the same as the last R4R show
September 11th- Hunter/Jumper KF
                           - Same as last KF show
September 30th- October 2nd- Hunter/Jumper/Dressage AM Harvest Show -Bronze
                           -Haha another scary AM show

AM shows are insane, at least that's what everyone who's been there tells me. This is were all the circuit bitches and crazy horse people show up. The ones with the imported warmbloods and think they are soooo much better than everyone so instead of unloading in the parking lot like everyone else they unload in front of the barn blocking everyone elses way to the the lot. Leave their shit everywhere and get in your way ALL the time because they think they are sooooo much better. Ahh circuit bitches, such a treat!

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