Monday, May 16, 2011


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Oh my jeez, show clothes are insaaaaanly expensive!!

To Get:
- either new half chaps or tall boots (preferably tall boots, half chaps aren't accepted at AM shows)
- breeches
- at least one show shirt with rat catcher
- a show shirt without a rat catcher
- helmet cover (or new helmet)

So, we went looking for tall boots/half chaps. No luck with half chaps with I don't mind, I can use my hillbilly ones at home and then use tall boots for shows...and at home. No point in spending a crap load of money and only using them a few times a year.
I tried on a pair of  size 8 wide, by Ariat, which fit nicely until mid way up the calf. Because I have ginormous calves. Would need to get them stretched a bit so I can at least zip them up. They were $375!! The Tuff Rider ones were not as nice and only $85. Going to the English tack store in the city because they usually have better prices.
I also think I should talk to K, because I need to know which boots to buy. I like the field ones, but they're for jumping and hunters. Dressage needs to be special, so you need dress boots instead....the only difference is the dress boots have no laces. Fail. I really hope I get to work for K, if I have to buy two pairs of Ariat or Dublin boots, plus a new helmet (and other no horsey crap).
No luck with breeches either, they didn't have the full seat ones I really wanted. They did have Tuff Rider, which I don't like, I have two pairs but they both keep getting little holes along the inseam and I hate having to repair them all the time.

Didn't really look for a helmet, my friend is going to lend me her velvet one for now, but I've had the same helmet for like 7 years and it's take a lot of beatings and still looks okay, but a new one would be nice. Not at the top of the list, but still an idea.

This is when it would be nice to have money like the circuit bitches at AM! =P

So yeah, more shopping on Thursday.
Lesson tomorrow! Hopefully we can finally ride outside again.

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