Monday, May 2, 2011

Lease Ride & Australia Photos

AHH! It would have been a perfect day to ride outside today, except K has asked that we don't use the outdoor ring until they get a change to drag the footing. So we were stuck inside. =(

She did well today. She seems to be getting more flexible to the left, but only on circles. Still need to work on that for serpentines. We also practiced leg yielding, but she really just wanted to run to the wall. Which is weird normally she does pretty well with those. Lovely canter today too! Always exciting. Nice and quick but not rushy and unpleasant.

AUSTRALIA <3! (since I didn't have much to say about riding, I have pictures!)
<---Creepy clouds at the San Francisco airport

<---Navy Base and ships in the harbour

<---Bridge from the ferry

<--On the pylon thing. That's my mums Canada sweater in the right. And you can kind of see a group of people climbing up the bridge a bit above the baldish guys head.

<---Downtown Sydney from the ferry.  And all the trees are in a really pretty garden/nature park thing. With loads of cockatoos, which are cute but more annoying than any crow, seagull or magpie here.

<--St. James

<--St. Mary's. Really beautiful cathedrals. Haha, once when we got back to Canada, there was something on the news about Sydney and this cathedral and I was all excited b.c i was there once, and then I almost cried 'cause I miss it soo much (the country, not the church (and I know I'm a loser =P))

<--More creepy clouds and the good truck with it's cute little yellow legs.

<--A view of the rocks from the bridge. This is first area they started to develop in Sydney. Its sooo beautiful!! In the red building, is Pancakes on the Rocks (so yummy!), a candy store that makes their stuff by hand and some gift shops.

<-- I believe this is the museum, but I'm not 100% sure. That or it's part of St. Marys but I don't think so.

<-- this is what my sister got at Pancakes on the Rocks. Mine had caramelized bananas and pecans and I think they were butter milk with vanilla ice cream. Sooo yummy. Good thing we walked around downtown for the whole day or that would have been a lot of calories!

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