Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Rodeo Mare!

Indeed, Pony seems to think that the rodeo will make a good career for her.

We had our first complete jumping lesson outside today! It was interesting to say the very least. On one long end of the arena there was a triple combination, and then off the second long side there was a vertical and next to that, a second vertical on an angle.

First we did the grid both ways (to and from home) and she did great, at the canter she was very good away from home, but got stronger and stronger heading to home. Not much of a surprise because that's what she like last week too.
We seem to be making some progress on getting more of the left bend too!

As for the jumping, the jumps were small 2'-2'3" thank god because she was CRAZY! Going away from the out gate (which is also on a slight down hill slant). Anyway, she got way out of  control going home over the grid, after the second jump she was just out of control!! I turned her towards the middle of the arena and tried to get her to just relax and stand, but then she started doing little rears and kicks. She is a crazy mare!
K says she just has loads of energy and then she stood on a long piece of grass(?). Well that's what K thought too when she picked it up of the ground, so maybe?
After that we trotted around for 10-15minutes to try and burn off some of her crazy energy.
Anyway, after that we didn't end up doing anymore jumping towards home. And for the most part she was really good, she did listen when I asked her to slow down and collect, but after the second jump in the grid she did start to get quick again, but nothing like her first freak out.

K also thought that it might have to do with how I carry my lower leg. That it should be farther back than it is when I ride flat, which is where it tends to be when we jump and she's so sensitive to leg that she might think I'm asking her to go faster when I'm not. So on Thursday K's planning on tying my stirrups to the girth and I'm going back to the library to find the book about correcting riding position

Me and my friend N where talking about the classes we're planning on entering for the SM show coming up, I guess we can't cross enter and do 2'6" and then 2'9" which is what I wanted to do. She's doing the 2'9" and 3'4".
So that's what I'm doing as well! Aren't you excited? Apparently that's what we jump normally! I was so insanely surprised, I didn't think that at all! Usually we do about 2'9" but then there's usually a couple other jumps that are 3'4"! Isn't that insane?! Especially for Pony!
The good thing about SM's opening show is usually not a lot of people go, so even it's horrible, not many will see!

I need a show name for her! For the little ones I don't have to use Lil' Miss (thank god!) so what do you think would be a cute name for her?

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