Sunday, May 22, 2011

Thursday/Weekend & Work

Yay! I have a job at the stable!!

Thursday we did our warm up outside and it was nice...except for all the mosquito's. That was gross, but once we got going it wasn't to bad. Pony gets a bit crazy at the canter outside, but over all she did pretty good, the more time we spend out there, the sooner she'll (hopefully) relax.
For the jumping part of the lesson, she was really good, except at once cross pole, the same one that I fell off at last time, but I didn't fall off the second time! Hooray for grippy ass full seat breeches! One of the jumps was HUGE (for a pony), around 3', fan jump. The first time I held her back a bit to much, she still did it, but it wasn't as easy as it should have been. The second time around I just grabbed mane half way up her neck and let her have her head and we did great!

Still have lots of  work to do with getting her to bend to the left easier, she's really good to the right so sometimes she over bends. But once we get the left bend more easily, circles and jump courses should get a bit easier.

Sunday, Pony was away at a dressage show with K, sounds like they did well and Pony was well behaved, but she doesn't like goats.
I got to ride Kokanne today! He's so cute and ridiculously friendly!
His saddle feels so weird! Pony's has a really low cantle and pommel, but his doesn't and it's the weirdest feeling ever. It shouldn't be because that was the same saddle I used with both Diesel and Tommy, but whatever.

When you try to get him to trot he drifts away from the wall and just doesn't want to trot until you cluck at him and really press for it. He has a decent trot once you get going though. He does a similar thing at the canter, but seems more willing to do that. I can't remember which lead it is, but I think it was the right lead, was soo smooth and balanced it felt like riding a big red cloud and it was trippy because it almost felt like slow motion.
But his other lead was really...not. It wasn't horribly anything, but not quiet as fun as his other lead.

I was talking to K after and she was like "What?! You found his canter smooth? You're the only one that's ever said that!" Haha, so maybe I'm just crazy =P.
It was a nice change, but it was weird, the height and how much longer his neck is compared to Pony, but I like him.

As for work, it was pretty decent, just feeding the horses today.  Didn't have to move any of the horses except for the two that needed to come in. I was going to clean some of the tack just for something extra to do, but I have a cold and so decided not to this time...slacking..
I should get to work next weekend to because K has another show, so that's exciting and Pony isn't going so I can ride too! Yay!

I have some pictures of me and her, but they're on the other computer so I'll post them later.

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