Monday, August 15, 2011

Finaly Back

And I have lots of blogs to catch up on.

I did my free ride on Sunday and was excepting Pony to be out of her mind crazy because she hasn't been ridden in two weeks. K was going to start riding her in the second week but life gets in the way, so Pony had some extra time off.

Surprisingly enough, she was not insane. At all.
Her trot felt slower than usual even when asking for more, but I suppose she's lost some cardio after her time off too. So we did lots of trotting and circling etc. It's finally nice here and we can ride outside, but because I was worried about her being crazy (even under normal circumstances she's crazier outside), and I forgot sunscreen so we stayed inside.
At the canter she had more speed but was not up to course pace at all. So I'm kind of worried about the jumping lesson tomorrow because we are both out of shape, it's really hot out and we'll be riding outside. So I'm kind of hoping that K won't have us do anything to high or difficult this week, just so we can see how it goes. Not to mention the last few times we rode outside they didn't exactly go well.

At the canter she was okayish. She really had a bit of trouble picking up the leads, but I'm assuming it's because she's out of shape and not wanting to work very hard.
We did a lot of circles, but at first they were more like ovals because she was refusing to bend her neck and turn her nose in even a bit. Even to the right which is usually where she has more than enough bend, but she was not having it. She did not want to respond to "give-and-take" or anything. Which is why I'm a bit worried about tomorrow.

Fingers crossed for smallish jumps, an easy course, for it not to be to hot and for Pony not to be insane.