Friday, August 26, 2011

Stupid Blogger.. and riding of corse

Stupid blogger will not let me comment on my own blog even though my email is a google account.
Right, so terrible news first: Gross, bad rider girl is now riding Pony too. Turns out Pony doesn't test her dressage riders the same way she does the jumping ones, which kind of sucks because apperantly this girl really likes her. Damn.
If it was someone who wasn't horrible, I'd be sooo happy that someone was doing lots of dressage work with her, it would get her back in shape faster and would be so helpful for jumping. But no such luck. Fingers crossed the other horse gets better quick.

Last Thursday we had a decent lesson, we were inside because it rained again. It was a pretty simple coarse that was designed with her some what lower fitness level in mind and she did quite well once we go going.
We have a reoccuring problem when coming to jumps off the rail, she knows they're coming and will cut of the end of the arena and start to turn to soon and no matter what you change she will keep doing it! It's super frustrating and there's only so much you can do to get her back to the wall and turn straight before you get to the jump, so I'll have to find a way to deal with that on free rides.
We had a couple run outs and then I fell off on one, Pony still ran away, but this time she just walked instead of doing the whole canter and buck around the arena. Once we got on real coarse pace she did great, as she usaully does.  I don't get why it's taken so long for this "think sports car" to properly sink in. But I think it finally has.

On Tuesday we were back outside and doing a longer coarse and it was really hot, thank god for the wind or I might have passed out.
It's a bit lame but the jumps we  are doing now are about 2'6"-2'9" and that's what we were warming up over in June and July but we haven't done 2'9" in a while so they seem so much scarier, pathetic. This coarse had two oxers; one was the red fan jump and the other was a yellow plank/yellow pole parallel oxer. I thought we would have more trouble with the oxer but that's just me, Pony didn't care at all.
The one she did care about was the lattice jump, she was fine going to the left but when we were on coarse going to the right, she just freaked out and wasn't pleased to go near it. Again we had the same problem with her turning on her own and to soon, even though we came at it off a circle but she knew she was jumping.
She did run out at the brown and white jump we had problems with last week but the second time we came at it, she felt a bit backed off and was looking at it, so I "yelled" at her and she jumped it, if a bit close.
She was good on the lines, didn't care about the oxers, she did run out at the fan, but we didn't have a distance so it wasn't her fault.
But she's starting to use her back end a bit more so thats really helping.
The green verticle she ran out on in the second coarse, we just didn't have a good approach I think was the reason, but we came back to it, stopped again. Came a third time and she was so determinded to get over it that she caught me a bit of guard and we missed the short turn to the next jump and had to take the long way. But she jumped it fine.
The last line was seven pony stirdes and she took off so far from the lattice jump, my friend said her horse could have fit into the extra distance and her horse is HUGE! It was kind of like hitting a turbo button, she had this nice canter heading into the jump and then wham! she took off super long and then was off like a shot to the second jump. It was actually kind of funny, but my friend was like "aren't you terrified?". No, she has done scarier things than that, and Tommy liked his longs so I'm a bit used to them. Did not catcher her in the mouth which is great!
My usual release is grab mane 1/4 up her neck and then full realese with the left hand, which has got us into to trouble before, but now that I'm actually aware of it, I've been able to work on it and now most of the time I can give her the full realese (grab mane with both hands!) and not catcher her and that's also helped a lot.
We have a show on Saturday, just a tiny one but hopefully it won't get rained out like every other show this season.

On Thursday, we had a pretty good lesson, the jumps were pretty small and she did well even over the scary looking ones so hopefully she'll have some confidence going into the show on Saturday.

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