Tuesday, August 16, 2011

It Was A Good Lesson....

Until the very very end.

But to start with:
We did ride outside, it wasn't overly hot, the jumps were about 2'6" (possibly a 2'9" oxer but it wasn't marked so I'm not sure).
The course was fairly difficult and K said it was designed to be exhausting, and it was.

For the most part the crazy was kept to a minimum, she started out really well but was really into looking at what was going on around her and then spooking at a few things..like jump poles on the ground. Her trot was much like last day but she was really good when it came to the canter, she wasn't fighting picking up the lead and she didn't get rushy like she sometimes does when we jump outside.
However she did have a few small moments where it felt like she would bolt, she did start a few times but came back really well when I asked. After one jump she did try to buck a bit, I'm not really sure what the problem was. She dropped her head and got in a couple small ones while I was trying to pull her head up, we missed the turn to the jump.
So K said if she ever tries that again (hopefully not) to turn her head to the side and keep looking at where I wanted Pony to go and turning her head, she won't be able to buck and it may remind her what we are supposed to be doing. Luckily she didn't try bucking again.
There was one jump that she really hated while going away from home. It was a brown plank ground line with white writing and a plain brown pole, but the paint kind of reflected the sun which I don't think she liked, so we had problems with that.
There was another jump that was so weird, it was only 2'6" but coming up to it, it looked much bigger. And it's not even a jump meant for illusion, the standards are quite tall so it should look smaller, even with the arenas slight grade it shouldn't have looked like that. Maybe it was the heat.
She jumped beautifully though, so I'm really happy with her and now I know what may be coming on Thursday, unless it rains, then we'll be back inside.

So, the horrible part: I've mentioned this chick before, she's a huuuuuuuge bitch and god awful rider, but her lease horse is lame, which is of coarse horrible, the mare is (usually) a very sweet horse, at least when you're on the ground. She was riding one of my friends horses, but my friend also can't stand her and is really pissed this girl is riding him even though she understands why.
There are no other horses for this girl right now except possibly Pony. It was hard to over hear exactly what they were saying because my friend was trying to wipe some weird medicated horse cream on my arm and we were being a bit loud, but it did sound something like "you may not like her but..." and "the only other option may be Pony." Fuuuuuck. I'll be so pissed if that chick starts riding her, she'll probably ruin her, I still blame her for Tommy becoming so girthy (it started after she started riding him so it's not a big leap to blame her). Did I mention she sucks at riding? I hope Pony doesn't like her, she likes to test her new riders and provided the girl isn't hurt, I kind of hope she fails the test. Or that T (her horse) gets better ASAP. I know I sound like a bitch, but I don't like sharing horses, a pit fall of leasing. And I'll be pissed as hell if this effects my riding schedule. I ride three times a week on set days, and this girl needs to work around it. I don't care she rides on Tuesdays as well, it's my lesson day and she can go away.

Went to gym, 2km run in 13min
                     5 min rowing (859meters)
                     30 sec plank
                     20 sit ups (2 reps)
                     no stretching
                  =lazy workout

Tomorrow is another run and weights and plank.


  1. I hate watching people ruin horses by riding badly. Ugh! Big part of my job is undoing the damage they do and it makes me just as angry every time.

  2. Isn't it disgusting? Must give you a lot of work since there's no shortage of terrible riders and trainers out there