Saturday, August 27, 2011

Yay Show!!

So we had our show today and Pony was brilliant!!

I was worried she'd do what she sometimes does at home and just take off or buck, stuff like that. But she was amazing, no bucking, no real big freak outs or getting frightened by sand hitting the jumps. During the coarse she would sometimes get a bit quick but she always came back when I asked.

In the 2' clear round we went clear, even over the trucks, which she doesn't like. Then we placed 4th in the Classic. Take that full sized horses. She can do all the super tight turns and she's super quick, not like a horse with longer legs, but whatever. Loads of people were telling her how cute she was.

In the 2'6" clear round we had to do it twice because the first time she stopped at the grey box jump and then the tudor tack plank jump, but she hasn't seen either of those two at home so that was part of it, but she worked so hard! Then the second time we did the course she didn't stop at the boxes but did at the plank, well actually we didn't really stop and when we came back we didn't cross our tracks so we still got a clear round ribbon. But since she was so good and it was boiling hot, I didn't take her in the classic, so we only got one ribbon.

Which is great because I wasn't expecting us to get anything at all. So I'm very happy with her and how we did.

Once all the pictures are uploaded I'll put a few up :)
Ahhhh, so I start my first year of University in less than two weeks and I'm kind of freaking out. I got an email from my English professor saying we needed to sign up for some website thing and then it talks about what we can expect from the class and, god damn it, we have write. Not a big surprise since it's uni but there's also "peer revision" and other equally horrifying things such as group work. So I'm really, really not at all excited about this class, but I'm sure the other classes will be like that too. It makes me miss high school when we didn't have to do that crap. At least the classes are only what 40 or 50 minutes? Then I can run away to math class. Hopefully I can find some decent people in that class, and all the others, haha I'm actually hoping that I have at least one of my friends is also in that class.

Everyone I know that's graduated from uni have always told me how much they loved it and that it was the best time of their lives and stuff like that. But they're also all super outgoing friendly people, which I think makes it easier. But this is starting to sound like a diary or something so, yay horse show was good and that's all that really matters!

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