Wednesday, June 15, 2011


Pony was soooo good on Tuesday!

We were inside because of all the rain, but still did bigger jumps. One of the verticals had yellow plastic truck cut outs under it, I thought we might have a repeat of incidents at other jumps with the plastic dog cut outs, but she was perfect! Didn't look at it once,  hopefully that will be a good sign for the show on Saturday.
K thinks that we've finally got to some kind of "break through" where she's really starting to trust me so we can be more of a team. Hopefully!
We almost had a run out at a 1-to-a 3 stride line, and I could feel her leaning towards the left getting ready to run out, so I was like "hey!" and gave her a tiny squeeze with my leg (she's quite sensitive to leg, so there's no need for a big kick or anything). And she went forward and did the line.
Both K and I have noticed that Pony responds much better when you use more verbal stuff, like saying hey, before she runs out, work much better than a smack on the ass after.
Pony responds and does sooo much better when you can just relax, ride quietly and let her do her own thing. If that holds true for the show, we should do pretty well I think. Still hoping it's going to be fairly small show though, and that it doesn't rain, otherwise they'll be moving all the flat classes inside and screwing up the jumping.

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