Sunday, June 26, 2011


Whoops, I forgot to even write about the no reins part on Thursday!

We had two bounces in a row with 3 pony strides in between, when we came to it the first time she stopped, I don't know if she knew I was hesitating or she was wondering why no one was holding the reins anymore. The second time she made it over perfectly and it was more fun that I thought it might have been. On another try she knocked the second jump in the first bounce and shot through the rest like a bat out of hell, and cantered off all crazy after. We still she must have gotten in trouble for knocking down jumps before so it took her a minute to calm down and realize that I didn't care and wasn't upset with her at all. We had one last try after that, just so she wouldn't end on a bad note, she made it through, but had a super quick canter around the corner after.

Lease ride this afternoon, have to work on her keeping her head up at the trot, getting more left bend and picking up the correct canter lead.

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