Friday, June 17, 2011

Show Nerves

I haven't had a problem with them all day until now! Which is to bad 'cause I want to sleep.
I've been showing for about 6 years and this isn't even a big show! It's just a little fun one that doesn't count for anything really, but I haven't been back at this barn for years, I've never been to a show with Pony and now the schedule has been screwed up because of the rain.

Original just the jumping was going to be inside and there's only about 6 jumps in the course and theres 3 jump classes, but now everything would be inside so the jumping won't start until about 11 or possibly 10:30 according to the lady in charge, so we'll see.

I still have to get up early because I have to clean Pony's white socks and feet and either ride, lunge or free lunge her so she's not to crazy before we get there because K isn't sure of warm up space anymore.
Went out the barn this evening to clean her tack and my helmet and boots. Spent ages picking the masking tape of my one half chap that the zipper was broken off, but my new ones feel awesome and they're all pretty and black and new, so I might wear them tomorrow.

Still have to pack all the stuff I need for tomorrow and find black shoe laces for my boots...

But yes, show nerves need to go away so I can sleep instead of watching re-runs of American Dad.

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