Thursday, June 23, 2011


Practiced more on the releases, getting better. We used the long crest release a lot more, Pony seems happier with it. We had one run out the first time at the bounce, which was kind of my fault for not pressing her forward when I felt her start to slow up a bit. Then a second when we just had no distance into the second bounce so that wasn't as much of a problem.

On the flat we really have to work on not letting her head drop below her withers at the trot because then she's not using her back end, which is what we want her to do. As well as picking up the correct lead, which we've started having a few problems with.
Still need to keep working on getting more of a left bend and less of a right bend.

So, my mums going to a teaching conference thing in California at the end of July, and I really want to go! I think that would be sick!! Although I'd be a lot more freaked out walking around an American city alone than I ever was in idea way. Considering Sydney has a population of 4million, one million more than in my whole province. But yeah, I think that would be a sick trip, unfortunately my sister can't come to because her passport isn't valid anymore.
Except she doesn't even remember where the conference is, how forgets something like that? Oh well, hopefully she finds out soon, and then I can look for plane tickets! Although what I hear about TSA is almost enough for me not to want to fly to the states...even though we had, like, no problems going to or coming back from Australia.

Have you seen Tangled?! It is literally my new faveorite movie!

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