Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Tuesday and What I Remeber From Last Week.

Whoops, waited to long to write about last week.

All I remember was on Thursday I was thinking to much during the course rather than letting it flow and then watching some of the jumps as we approached rather than watching over the jump. It wasn't to bad, the only sucky jump (I remember) she took off to long at the pink vertical (3'3") and I lost my stirrup but still made the wide left turn to the next jump and got my stirrup left. But by the time we got straight to the jump we were aimed to far to the right and probably would have knocked the standard or run out to the right.

So yeah, other than that I think it was okay. I don't remember so it can't have been to horrible.

I went to SuperTramp on Sunday so missed my lease ride that day and went on Monday. It was kind of chilly so there wasn't to many bugs out thank god. We did lots of circles, leg yielding and haults. We tried half halts but they weren't very successful. At the canter we did some more circles and simple changes over the diagonal.

Tuesday, was not a treat.
The course would have been fun if it weren't for all the run outs and refusals.
At first she was really good, the first jump had a box under it and she kicked up some dirt on the land and that scared her out to the left so we didn't make it down the line, then that happened a second time. Third time we did make it! Yay!
She had no problem with the second jump in the line, the yellow vertical, or the Swedish oxer. The "give blood" jump (which was made for the R4R show, which is a fun show to raise awarncess about the need for blood donor's and the Canadian Blood Society) we had a run out (i think), but I can understand why, some how I'd let the reins get to short and Pony HATES that so she started flipping her head around. Wait I lied, we went over the give blood but cause she wasn't paying attention we missed the oxer.

Although, it appears she can jump from a stand still. Almost. She was sooo slow through some parts of the coarse. We were doing the coarse and came up to the yellow vertical and we had no momentum, I grabbed mane when she didn't speed up like I asked, thinking we'd be stopping. But nope, we went over, it wasn't all the comfortable but she made it.
The other jump we had a lot of trouble with was the ascending oxer with blue and orange boxes under. It was on a slight angle but  we got to it straight each time. A couple times we ran out and then we made it over and it was great. The second last time we were again going sooo slow, so I tried to turn her away so we could circle and come back to it, and Pony was like fuck that we're doing this jump. And we did. I'll post the picture tomorrow but we were super close to the right side I'm surprised I didn't hit my knee  on the standard. I lost my left stirrup and in the picture its up by her ear, on the land I sat back in the saddle but got bounced on to her shoulders when she kept cantering. Didn't fall off though!
I'm kind of annoyed my dad didn't get any pictures of that part, that's half the fun (when no one is injured anyway).

So yeah, it was a frustrating lesson. I don't know why she was so slow and floppy, it wasn't hot out at all and there was cool breeze too, no bugs. Unless she was tired from Monday, but we didn't do very much. So hoping Thursday goes better, especially since I'm supposed to ride my friends mare after Oswell. She has a show this weekend but its just flat stuff, and she got a minor concussion the other day after 'an incident with a filing cabinet". So I'm taking her lesson Thursday too and then going to math tutoring, fun stuff.

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