Tuesday, June 21, 2011

No Show =(

So we didn't end up going to the show today, it's been pouring all day! And the barn hosting the show has no where that we can tack up and stay dry or anywhere to warm up. They do have a sperat barn with a bunch of stalls but we didn't want to use them because of the Equine Herpes outbreak and it is a western barn.

So I got up and went with my dad to the barn at twenty to eight, and brough her in from the rain. Poor Pony, she did not look happy to so wet. Dried her off and then tacked up and did my lease ride. She was okay, but all of the downward transitions where terrible. And she was spooking at everything at the far end of the arena. The rain actually wasn't that loud, it was much worse on Thursday so I'm not totally sure what her problem was. She spooked at then end of one of the circles and i didn't even know what happened all of a sudden i was slipping off her shoulder, with my arms around her neck. Luckly she stopped moving so I didn't actaully fall off.
When she's all spooky and weird she carries her head up really high but then she gets mad when you shorten the reins to keep contact but she won't put her head down with the longer reins. So after the first trot and canter we stopped and walked for a while and then did a bit more work. She was much better the second time around. But she was not happy to go back out in the rain.

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