Sunday, June 12, 2011

Thursday/Sunday & Lots of workouts!

I had two lessons on Thursday, first with Pony and the second with my friends mare.

Pony was soo much better!! Although at one oxer, I had a brain malfuntion and thought she was going to slow and stopped her. No idea why, but it was dumb idea. So the next time to it, she obviously stopped.
Came back a third time and she was good.
We seem to have problems picking up the correct lead everyonce in a while, she has a flying lead change, but still, it's kind of a pain in the ass and doesn't look good for dressage.

We're doing bigger jumps on Tuesday this week and smaller ones on Thursday for confidence going into the show. Hopefully it goes well..

She was good today, but I forgot my sunscreen and the outdoor arena was a bit muddy so we stayed inside and practiced lots of cirlces and serpentines at the trot and canter. Her left bend is still improving.

On Thursday I also rode my friends horse because she a concusion (friend not horse). But her mare is a bit out of shape and hasn't jumped for a while so the highest we did was just under 2'6" or so. But she did really well. She's feels really quick, but she carries herself on the forehand so appearntly she feels faster than she is.
She dropped her head at a couple jumps and I thought we might be stopping, but she didn't refuse anything and jumped prefectly. She's such a friendly mare!
The height difference between her and Pony was a bit shocking, 13.3 to 15.3, not really that big, but when  you look down, it feels big!

Never mind the workouts. I have a diploma tomorrow, you can hear about that excitment later.

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