Thursday, June 23, 2011

Tuesday, Math Diploma

So this week we are practicing differnet releases over a grid, not to difficult. Poor Pony was really tried, she's worked almost everyday last week I think, so we didn't do the higher jumps and she ran out a few times at the start of the grid. At first it may have been because she was trotting in and neither of us find it very comfortable, but in the end we got it done.
The biggest problem with my releases is that I'll grab mane with my right hand and it'll be where it should be but then my left hand is a bit behind it, so I have to work on keeping them even. Other than that we were pretty good.

Fucking hell, today was the math diploma for Math 30 students in Alberta. It was soo hard, and I studied for ages and had tutoring sessions before, should have been well prepared. But assuming that I got the questions right that I actually knew what I was doing on I would have gotten 19/40. 48%, horrible! But even if I get that I'll still pass the class, which is good. It sucks, the diploma is worth 50%of our totall mark for the year, so it could either raise your mark drastically, or destroy it.
And just like the English one, some dumbass brought their phone, it went off and now they get a zero. There was two this time. But if your dumb enough to bring your phone, you deserve a zero.

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