Tuesday, July 5, 2011

This Week

My computer had to spend some time at Staples having virus's removed this last week, so I haven't bothered blogging.

Pony's done well so far. We had a lease ride on Monday, and it was our first ride in the outdoor ring!! She did better than I thought, she was only super  quick to the left, but over all she was really well behaved.

Tuesday, we did our warm up hack outside and again she was pretty good. We're working on bending to the outside, while cantering and eventually we'll be learning to counter canter. Sounds exciting. My friend L got booted from the lesson though because she was late AGAIN! She is always, always, always late. I've never had a lesson with her where she's been on time. So she was pissed, understandably, but it's her own damn fault, so I have no sympathy for her right now.

We jumped inside, and had some trouble with the triple combination. The first two jumps were one stride apart and then three strides, but we had some trouble with the three because I kept leaning at her and she was like "umm no?", but once I sat up, we got the line done perfectly. She didn't even give the Swedish oxer a second look! Good mare! =) Ah, she's so awesome!

Tomorrow is our second jumping lesson and then next week (weather permitting) we get to start jumping outside!

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