Wednesday, July 20, 2011


I forgot to take off a few km yesterday! The total running distance was 2.56km and today was 2.02km and a 3.32 bike ride.

So there's *only* 952.1km left.

Cardio: 14 min run @ 5.2
                1 min sprint @ 6
       Bike: 10 min level 8 on "hill mode" which doesn't feel very hilly so added a few hill climbs at 18-20

Core: 10 burpees
           10 sit ups x4
           10 Russian twists x3
           30 sec V sit (just one today)
           45sec plank
           30sec plank
           10 squats x3
           10 lunges (each leg)

Weights: 10 bicep curls x3
                10 tricep dips x3

Yoga is tonight before bed, then I work and ride tomorrow morning and I'm supposed to work out with a friend but she sucks to workout with, she doesn't know what she's doing and is really bossy so you just want to see fuck off I'm doing this if you don't want to go do your own thing. But she will NEVER work out on her own and then gets mad when I say I can't go with her, but she needs to do things on her own.


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