Sunday, July 10, 2011

Damn Rain

R4R was supposed to be today, but nooooo, it had to rain. And not just a drizzle, but a complete down pour, thunder and everything. Which normally I like, but not when it ruins what probably would have been an awesome show.

There was only about 10 people in it this time, so it would be a nice small show for me and Pony to start with, so I can find out what she's like in a totally different environment.
So yeah, not happy.
There's a show next Saturday (HU), that we might be going to. Originally it was a three day AM show, but no one wants to go having not done a single show this season. I'm a bit worried about HU, just because I was there a couple years ago with Diesel and we did well, but the arena is smallish and it's really crowded for warming up in. So that sucks, and we were at 2' or so, which tend to be the bigger classes. But the second class there was only 5 of us (because me and D got 5th out of 5), so if the classes are like that again... that would be perfect. Just to see what Pony's like, because I really don't want to deal with her freaking out and doing one of her crazy run offs that she sometimes does at home. We start at about 2'6" now, so maybe they'll be less people there, but I'm not hopeful.

I guess we'll have to wait and see and just deal with it. Because the next show for us won't be until August 14th. And if she's really way to crazy to deal with, then I guess we'll end up dropping out.

Did anyone else watch the Queen Elizabeth II Cup today?! Crazy jump off, it's always so intense when it comes down to two riders and they just go all out. Rich Fellers lost by a single poll on the very last jump, if not he totally would have won. But I was absolutely cheering for Eric Lamaze, I have a friend who just bitches about how much she doesn't like him because of the 1996 Olympic crap, but I love that he over came all that and now look! He's number one in the world, won the QE II cup four times in a row. Plus he's Canadian which just makes him that much more awesome.

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