Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Lattice Jumps & Kieser bikes

So today we were working on using the corners more effectively during the coarse. Pony was soo good, I thought she might have a problem with the lattice jump even though she's done them a million times before, but she was great, didn't look at it all. She did look at the truck jump and it was really awkward and I ended up catching her mouth but she didn't back off at the next jump like she sometimes does.
Then she ran out at the fan but that wasn't to big of a deal, we just didn't have a distance she wasn't being naughty or anything. When we came back to it she was good.
We did some more work on leg yielding and she was great! So hopefully that means they're improving.

K was talking about rider fitness today and how important core strength is when riding, not only to support your back but when your jumping and your horse pulls forward that you can have the strength to try and pull yourself back up.

Today's workout and yoga routine 1:
Cardio: 2min walk @ 2.5
             18min run @ 5
     Keiser Bike: 12minutes on gear 8 (80+ RPM) with random "hills" on gear 18 for 30 sec
So for the biking, there's a thing on the console that says "trip" I assumed that would mean miles or km, turns out it means revs so 4.0 is actually 4000 revs. Which doesn't convert to km and so doesn't count towards the Pacific Highway.
Oh well, it was still a good workout, just means I have to use a different bike but that sucks because I really love the Keiser bike.

Core: 10 sit ups x4
           10 Russian twists x3 with 6lb ball
           30 sec V sit x3  with 6lb ball
             5 leg lifts x2
           45 sec plank
           30 sec plank
           10 burpees x2
Weights: 12.5lb barbells
                10 bicep curls x3
                10 triceps curls x3


I should do different things with weights like dead lifts and chest flies. Forgot to do squats, lunges and calf raises, but there's always tomorrow.

This is a really beginner/simple one I have in a yoga book but this sites diagram is way better.
Sun Salutation yoga routine

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