Friday, July 22, 2011

Thursday & Workouts

I worked Thursday morning  at the barn and then had a riding lesson.
Pony was good, we had one random refusal, which was actually random because we had a good distance, good pase etc. but she stopped anyway. Other than that she was okay.
She got really backed of the blue and yellow truck jump but K was thinking the blue might be hard for them to see and then she was backed of the lattice jump in that line, but she still went over when I yelled/clucked at her.
We also did a lot of work on bridling up, my arms were sore after from trying to get her to keep her head up, so I'll have to do more weights I think!

Thrusday Workout
Cardio: 30 min bike ride @ level 8
              distance: 13km
                             = 939.1 km left
Core: 45 sec plank x2
           10 sit ups x4
           10 Russian twists x3
           30 sec V sit
           10 squates x2
           10 lunges x2

no weights and no stretching, not good.

Todays workout:

Cardio: 15min run @ 5

Core: 45sec plank

This ^^^ is why I shouldn't work out at home. The run was surprisingly not bad because my home treadmill suuuuucks but that's more for sprint training because by the time it gets to the fast sprint, it's time to go back to a jog and on and on. I try to go the gym and not workout at home because I just don't work as hard at home as I do at the gym.

I was reading a thing about ab training myths/truths and one was something about not doing ab training more than four times a week and not on consecutive days. So I guess I'll have to do a bit more planning for my working out, except plank, that is everyday. So I'll alternate weights and core I guess.

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