Thursday, July 28, 2011

Awesome Thursday...Mostly

I have my workouts from the past few days, but I'm to tired (lazy) to get them and post them, there's time for that later.

I work at the barn in the morning starting at 7, and I get up at 6, which I was all mad about because I was sick last night. But...IT WAS SUNNY TODAY!! Also I saw frogs. I love frogs. Anyway, the it's been clouding and raining for weeks now, so it was great to finally see the sun.
I worked on Tuesday afternoon and my back hurt so bad and then the ride was not brilliant and I though that we might have a repeat because I thought my back was sore from walking/standing in boots with no support but no problems today!

One of my favorite horses at the barn is a little Morgan, he's sooo sweet. Usually he gets oats and vitamins after a training session but he had today off so I could bring them out to him or him to them. I wanted to be outside so I brought them to him and he was lying out in his pen and when he saw me and the black bucket he made a move like he was going to get up, but then seemed to change his mind and stayed down. He got his oates, ate them lying down, spoiled thing. I wish my phone could upload pictures, it's so cute. Finally he got up when I left and walked half way to the gate with me.
I had to bring in another horse later and he was sleeping the nice cool dirt with the horses in his pen and was not happy to have get up and come in the barn. He makes all these groaning/sighing sounds before he finally got up. Cute.

Pissy Pony has made a return on flat work. We were supposed to trot up the center line and pick up the left lead canter. We did this on Tuesday as well and she was not having it. She kicked at my leg, turns to the side, picks up the wrong lead, leaps forward, yet she's fine to pick them up along the wall. In the end we got it twice out of to many tries to count.
Jumping was a simple course. Up the four stride (vertical to Swedish oxer) down the wall a bit across the diagonal to a vertical up the wall and across to another vertical (sometimes back to the four stride). She did great!! She isn't a horse that's always easy to trust when jumping but when she gets up to course pace it's brilliant. So proud of her jumping today.

Then I went to gym which is for another post, and got a call from the bookstore because the books I ordered are FINALLY here! So I got to pick them up and bought Persuasion by Jane Austen, Wicked by Gregory Maguire, The Pickwick Papers by Charles Dickens and Nightshade by Andrea Cremer.
The best day in a long time I think.

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