Tuesday, July 12, 2011


Today was a bad day for jumping.
We were inside again because it's been raining all week, which means we probably won't be going to the show on Saturday either.

Anyway, Pony was out on a bigger field and spent the day running around like a mad woman, so she was pretty tired for the lesson. Which is to bad because we had three AMAZING jumps, but she was just stopping and running out all over the place. Eventually she got it and we did okay, hopefully she'll be better on Thursday.

So I work out quite a lot and at a fairly high intensity, I have a personal trainer who is also an eventer, and I've been meaning to post workouts and keep track of them and weight loss on my other blog. But I'm just far to lazy for that crap.
Today I went to the gym with one of my best friends, she doesn't workout that much, she does Curves circuit stuff, but thats all just weights and core no cardio. I tried to get her to do one of my trainers workouts that she emailed me while she's showing in the states. But because she isn't used to training like this or running it wasn't the best workout ever. It's a a really good one so I'm planning on heading back and doing it on my own. My other friend, L, that I often work out with is being a bit of a tool about the gym, I work for my trainer on Thursday mornings from 7 to 11 and then I have a lesson at 11. She knows this but asked if I wanted to carpool to the lesson and workout after, I told her no to carpooling and why but that we could go to the gym after but now she's all pouty and angry, fuck I hate people sometimes.
Anyway, here's the workout:

Part 1:
1 lap hard run
10 burpees
Run 1 length
20 mountain climbers (10 each side)
Run 1 length
10 jump squats
Run 1 length
10 push ups
Repeat x3

Part 2:
1 lap hard run
1 length high knees
jog short end
1 length butt kicks
jog end
1 length walking lunges
jog end
1 length side squats
Repeat x3

Part 3:
Sprint length
jog end
Repeat for 2 laps

It is best to do this workout on a track, but you can do it basically anywhere where you can run. If you don’t have a track, use time (approx 45 seconds) instead of lengths. You can alternate part 1, part 2, and part 3, or complete all sets of each before moving on. Part one will really get your heart rate up, so use your jogs to catch your breath. Do the exercises in the corners of the track or off to the side. Focus on form in part two, and try to get you lunges and squats nice and low. Take your time here. Part 3 is just another heart rate rever, so go all out to finish off.

Yeah, so my friend only made it through one set of part 1 and part 2 and walking instead of jogging in part 2.

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