Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Thrusday, Canada Day, Tuesday

Happy (very belated) Canada Day
I love Canada day, it's always fun! Did all the cliche stuff, went to the parade and like fair thing..and me and my sister went down the giant inflatable slide that was meant for little kids. =P
Then I was going to go see the fireworks at 11, but got a facebook message from my bosses husband asking if I could come in and do night chores at 9, because my coach was at the hospital. She's okay, she still gets a bit sick from the concussion she got in December.
So I went and did chores and he drove four hours back from up north. But he needed to go picker her up from the hospital and since she drove herself, whats the point of having to leave a car there. I drove him to the hospital, which is in the city by my mums school and I figured it wouldn't be to hard to get back home. HA! Yeah right. Fuck, TC (a mall) had a bunch of little carnival rides in the parking lot and the cops had all these turns and intersections blocked off and we drove around for half an hour trying to find an entrance to the hospital. Ridiculous.
So anyway, go lost trying to find my mums school to get home then found the street we came in on, gave up and followed that.

Don't remember much from last Thursday other than we did work on sharp, jumper turns. Pony obviously did amazing since she's so tiny. We did have one rail down but she did do her usually crazy freak out. Yay! We rode inside, cause of the rain, so that was nice.

Today, oh my god, I almost died. It's like 27 degrees out, no shade and I forgot my water bottle. I hate heat and I don't do well with it, so it was awful. Well, not quite, the first time around the coarse was good, but after the third last jump, she had one of her crazy freak outs. I let her turn her head in and she did her crazy running thing and turned way to sharp and we missed the line. When we came back to it, she was still a bit loppy, but did good to the first jump in the last line but took off waaaaay to long to the oxer at the end. But I didn't catch her in the mouth!! Yay! She knocked the second rail on the oxer, but from what everyone else in the lesson said there could have been a third rail in front because that was how far she took off.
Anyway, at this time I was super dehydrated and feeling a bit sick, and was breathing kind of like I was winded but not quite. I don't think K really saw cause she wanted me to go again and finish the last line right away, but once I got Pony moving I was able to breath better. Probably should have said something but oh well. We made it over and it worked out well.
At the end we did a little four jump jump off thing and if I hadn't been feeling so terrible, me and Pony totally could have owned it. We did mostly all the sharp turns, but not back to the oxer, I was just to tired for that crap.

Also, I got my Tragus pierced today!! Sometimes I forget it's there and I go to scratch my ear or something, and it hurts like a bitch! It wasn't as bad I was told by my friend that had hers done, theres a lot of pressure, but it's not so bad. My poor sister, she came to get her navel done, it went fine. But then she watched mine get done and it bleed a fair bit. She does not handle blood well, or watching people get stabbed by giant needles, so she got a bit light headed and had to lay down on the piercing bed for a bit. But she was so pale on the drive home, she was half way between getting sick or fainting, but she made it. Then like 10 minutes away her hands started to cramp up and her feet and she can't move them and it really hurts. So her friend that was with us, massaged one and then when we got home we brought her some ice to try and relax them.
She's okay now,  I guess she went into a bit of shock after or something. So she's not planning on watching anyone get pierced anytime soon.

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