Sunday, July 17, 2011

It's Quite Sad...

How large Alberta's dumb ass population seems to be.

The idiot people who own the land next to the barn were setting of fire works last night and the quiet ones were apparently okay but then they set of these super loud ones and the four young mares just went crazy and started freaking out. K was out doing night fee and her husband came out to help try and calm down and control them. She yelled over and asked them to stop, but they yelled back "deal with it, it's a birthday".  How fucking retarded do you have to be? Seriously, can you not hear the screaming and horses freaking out? Are the bangs and glittery lights really so fucking important to you that you feel it's necessary to endanger the horses lives?
Stupidity should be a crime.

Anyway, I worked Thursday morning and I was alone, except for the dog and one of the cats, cleaning stalls but the big side doors were open and out of the corner of my eye I saw this big white dog that looked like a wolf walk in. I wasn't totally sure what to do, but the barn dog got up, ran over and they went outside. The cat was not pleased, even though he's pretty much best friends with the barn dog, he went a bit crazy. He'd been sitting on the stairs hand rail, soon as he saw the white dog, he ripped up the banister, and refused to come down even after the white dog left.
Turns out she is part wolf and belongs to the neighbours, not the idiot ones, lucky for her.
Not to much excitement after that really, racked the arena, and cleaned tack and brought in/turned out a few horses.

No one else was in the lesson, which was fine, Pony was much better! We practiced collecting her trot and getting proper cross overs on the leg yields. She did pretty well, still lots of work to do, on both our parts.
For the jumping we only had one refusal, but it was for good reason. The ground line was a bit farther back than usual and we both thought we had a long, then she realized "No we don't!" so she stopped. Not her fault at all and she didn't get crazy like she sometimes does after because she thinks she's in trouble. I can't remember much else for the lesson, but I'm going out to see her tomorrow.

There was supposed to be a show today, but it's been raining all week so SURPRISE it's been cancelled. The third one in a row.

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